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Linux Hosting

AWD Web Hosting offers Linux hosting, a fast and reliable server operating system supporting the PHP community of websites and web services. Linux hosting is the preferred choice for the majority of web developers who want to build a dynamic & framework independent website. Since Linux forms only the core of the servers operating system, web developers have the oportunity to develop their own web platforms from scratch or to add onto the standard offerings of Linux hosting.

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Linux Hosting Plans

Here is a brief look at our three Linux hosting plans...


Basic Linux Hosting

Standard Linux Hosting

Business Linux Hosting

FREE Website Builder Software - Linux Hosting Linux Hosting
Disk Space 100MB 1 Gigabyte Unlimited
Monthly Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases - 10 Unlimited
Email Accounts 50 100 Unlimited
Cost Per Month £3.95 £7.95 £12.95
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Linux Hosting

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Linux Hosting Guide

Basic Linux Hosting is ideal for those wanting to host email accounts with their own domain name and maybe a holding page or mini-website without all the extras. We've also added a few feebies to get you started!

Standard Linux Hosting is great for blogs and other open source CMS systems such as Joomla! & MamboCMS - just two of the free software applications included in this plan! This plan is also ideal for developers!

Business Linux Hosting is tailored for e-commerce usage with unlimited resources to keep your business running! This plan comes with a host of popular shopping carts & CMS's to get you up and running quickly!

Linux hosting - is it right for me?

Linux hosting is a very versatile, fast and powerful web hosting platform. Unless you require the use of ASP, ASP.NET, Silverlight or any other Microsoft specific web technology for your website, Linux hosting will be meet your requirements. If you do require the use of a Microsoft only technology then have look at our Windows Server 2008 hosting plans.

As mentioned above, Linux is the preferred choice for web developers utilizing the fast growing PHP programming language which many of todays large brand websites are written with! PHP coupled with MySQL forms a very dynamic and low cost web hosting environment. This is why many businesses choose Linux hosting and MySQL databases for their corporate websites.

Linux hosting for non-technical users

Linux hosting is perfect for non-technical users too! AWD Web Hosting offers a FREE Website Builder that runs on our Standard and Business Linux hosting plans. No technical expertise is required at all but you will get all the benefits of linux hosting as in the speed & reliability Linux hosting offers.

I'm new to programming, should I choose Linux hosting?

If you are new to and studying PHP, Perl, Ruby or Python server-side programming or perhaps JavaScript, HTML & CSS client-side scripting then Linux hosting is for you. It is fast, reliable and AWD Web Hosting offers a whole bunch of free Linux hosting one-click install apps and utilities to help get you started with your Linux hosting account. It would be worth keeping an eye on our 'useful development links' page located over on our main website for useful resources that could help develop your programming skills.

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